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The Future Is Here !

You have just stepped into the future. The future is here and now at this new site. A one
of a kind experience where no man has gone before. Do not attempt to adjust the pictures.
We are controlling the transmission from the future. We will control the horizontal. We
will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal
clarity. While you are at this site we will control all that you see and hear. You are
about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery
which reaches from the inner mind to the furthest parts of the future. You are about to
experience the Technosexual Revolution.

The Technosexual Revolution begins here. It is a Revolution of mind, man and machine.
The concept is of the sexual attraction to robots, androids, 3D Creations, in effect
anything created by man for man. It can be anthropomorphic or dissimilar altogether.
It is the attraction to the fantasy of reality. Where your mind is free to imagine and
explore every sexual possibility imaginable.

Truely go where no man has gone before, and live out what could only be dremt of in
the past. We are the gateway to the future. A new horizon for mankind. We will boldly
go into that future with you, hold your hand and take you into worlds yet to be explored.
Soar to new heights of reality and take you to a place of new senses, to give you new
data of perception and realities to explore. We will prepare you for new emotions and
senses unexplored. Where reality and fantasy meet, and the line blurs between the two.

We are starting something brand new in the annals of history of man. A departure from
the norm, into a world apart. Where no thought cannot be realized. Mentally you are now
stuck in a finite world that is two dimensional and stuck to a planet without escape.
Here you can escape and move into the third dimension of reality in 3D creations.

A world of not only possibilities but of probabilities where in an infinite, statistically
homogeneous universe everything must happen in multiple ways regardless of how improbable
they are. You are the multiple you, where you can explore every improbability and every
possibility. Join us on our quest for a new reality, a new beginning for mankind without
boundaries and endless horizones of oppotunity and endless possibilities. Join today!

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